Turning Adversity Into Opportunity

by | Nov 7, 2020 | Inspiring Stories, Local Stories, Portland

Join me as I speak with Portland Native David Ferguson. David is a Serial Entrepreneur, Broker, CEO of Joe Brown’s Carmel Corn, Music Publisher and philanthropist.  He is the nonprofit owner of The Poetic Justice Foundation, which is a community-based nonprofit focused on supporting and enriching the local Black community through events and shared resources. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with David on this day. David is an old friend of mine from my old neighborhood, so he agreed to an interview with me. This was very exciting as I’d been watching his career for several years and was very impressed by the work he’s been putting in. Not only with his business, but his overall life! Having come from the same place, I’m very familiar with the challenges we were up against growing up and living in NE Portland in the 90’s. 

It’s almost an understatement to say that not many of us made it out. When I say, “Made it out”, I’m not just talking about with our lives or freedom… I’m talking about our “Dreams and aspirations intact”. So personally, knowing this man and having seen his accomplishments and his continued success, I felt he had a lot to share and he did not disappoint. 

Click play and watch the full interview for all the juicy details on David’s new business locations, doors he’s opening for other business owners, and the collaboration with Allen Bell of Hana’s and Keyona Kee’s #Loaded. We talk about growing up in Portland, his music business and publishing, artist he’s working with, upcoming community center and MMA gym with Jermaine Hankins, including upcoming events with big money giveaways! And so much more! 

You have to watch for the date so listen up to get info for Business grants for businesses! Yes, he’s doing it BIG!  This is a brother we should all be proud of, as he is doing a lot to help his community.

Click PLAY! 

Tinisha Williams, Founder & CEO

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