How to work with Developers; Find them land, Know as much about the land as possible, What can be done with it? Zoning. How to work with Builders; Find them Lots. We can connect you with builders. Systems, options, processes, following a schedule. Lawyers Title Land Development & Builder Dept. Products & Services; Developer Packets, Builder Packets. New Home Trends. Construction Monitor & more!

Also speaking and covered in this class will be:
1. Rett Pratt, Land Development manager @ Lawyers Title informs agents how she can assist them with finding lots and land for their clients
2. Jeff Shrope, Land Acquisition manager @ Renaissance homes to talk about what he looks for in his search for lots and land.
3. Nancy Haskin, Sales manager @ Renaissance Homes will show website to include land opportunity page, plan options.
4. Amanda Andruss & Michael Lutz talk about what they do to make the process smooth, how they include outside realtors and commission structure.