Did you know that 1 in 12 Oregonians is a Veteran? Become the expert for your VA clients and get your fair share of this important demographic! This class provides little known insights and loopholes of VA financing, allowing you to be a better advocate for your VA clients and earn more commissions.

Class topics include:
• Statistically why VA financing is one of the strongest financing offers you can accept as a Listing Agent
• VA allowable & non-allowable fees and why typically there is no cost to seller
• VA appraisal insights and myths
• Residual income explained and why this is critical to your VA client qualifying
• Why you need to know about Oregon Bond with VA & ODVA loans for vets
• House Hacking strategies (including one-time restoration) & using VA to acquire a multi-unit property with no money down
• Second tier entitlement explained and how to potentially have more than one VA loan at a time
• VA one-time close construction financing for build cost and land acquisition with potential 100% financing
• VA manufactured home options for affordability