5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Fairway Officer

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Lifestyle, Real Estate Resources, Sponsored Post

I have been in the mortgage industry for over seven years now. What initially attracted me to the profession was the deeper my knowledge is on mortgages the more I can help my clients realize their dream of homeownership.

What sets me apart from the others in my field is I am a firm believer in constant communication with my client and everyone else involved in the transaction. I also think promptness is key, with the landscape in this market changing by the hour clients need to be confident that their lender is on top of it and will give them the answers’ to whatever their questions are promptly.

1. Service – Speed – Satisfaction

Let Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation help you lose your loan fast. Our customer service is unparalleled and with some of the fastest turn times in the industry.

2. No Funding Conditions

Fairway will authorize the title company to disburse all funds for the seller, buyer, and Realtors at the time of closing without waiting for funding approval

3. Consistent, Honest Communication

Buyers and involved Realtors get updates at every key juncture of the loan process, including processing, underwriting, and appraisal via emails and phone calls. This means everyone knows what is going on and who to contact at every set of the process so that we can coordinate with each other and keep things moving.

4. Dedicated Personnel

Each and every transaction has a unique team assigned to it. This team includes a single transaction director and processor. Each time you speak with someone about your transaction, you can rest assured that they truly know you and your transaction

5. Team Focused

Throughout the transaction, everyone involved has the same goal: get to the closing table as smoothly and quickly as possible. We work with everyone on the team to ensure that we reach our mutual goal!

My team and I are committed to delivering Red-carpet treatment to each and every client we come in contact with, assuring they are armed with the tools and knowledge to become a homeowner.

Jason Pittman
Fairway Independent Mortgage
Loan Officer NMLS 1367908

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