People of Color Outdoors

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Inspiring Stories, TBE Magazine

My name is Pamela Slaughter. I’m a native Portlander, and the founder of PeopIe of Color Outdoors (POCO). I grew up spending lots of time outdoors in nature with my family. I loved climbing trees, riding my bike, and exloring trails. The only thing I liked better than exploring alone was exploring with friends and family.

Now, I’m a mother and grandmother. I still lead groups outdoors, but it’s not just for fun anymore. Studies show that people spending regular time in nature tend to experience benefits that lead to a higher quality of health physically, mentally. and spiritually.

BI POC were once com nected to their environments. That connection was disrupted in an ugly, systemic manner (no admittance to pools, trains, beaches without risk of arrest or a threat to safety). Public lands were accessible on paper but were potentially unsafe for BIPOC. Eventually, many BIPOC lost their connection to nature. We’re
changing that!

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