Vol. 1 Launch Party

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Inspiring Stories, Lifestyle, Portland

The Black Estate Magazine’s Launch Party kicked off Downtown Portland at the Embassy Suites by Hilton—a celebration bringing together the publication’s sponsors, marketing partners, and people who will drive the magazine to its full potential. Through months of preparation and execution, it was nothing less than lavish, as planned, to show Portland what’s in store for the publication’s upcoming influence. We want to thank the businesses mentioned in this article who were in attendance—as from here, our growth would not be sustainable without your dedication and passionate commitment to the communities around you.

From Trillionaire Investors League, whose founder and CEO started the company out of a Facebook group, to the team at Fairway Lending, the celebration commenced the mark of Black enterprise, empowering Portland’s entrepreneurial people of color for an expanding foundation of networks.

The cornerstones of that foundation will be an establishment within the publication, showcasing businesses such as All Things Real Estate—a national leader in contemporary real estate supply designed to ensure real estate marketing is not boring. Although real estate transitions can be strenuous for those relocating, Smoove Movers was also in attendance. They provide a service to ease the transition of what can be exhausting.

Our live band with Joe Bean Keller and friends served as an ambiance to enlighten the vibe. With Mr. Keller on the saxophone, alongside his partners on the flute, guitar, and drums, it felt much like leaving clean and pristine out of the Essence Beauty Salon—because when you look good, you feel good and play good.

The atmosphere of joy and aesthetics The Launch Party presented is now part of Portland’s story. Together, we shelve memories of the night to place them next to landmarked Portland images wrapped around a Vanport Vodka bottle. Nothing looks better than understanding the historical journey from a period of local segregation to celebrated art.

With that said, The Black Estate Magazine once again wants to thank you all for your support. We’re now the platform of a refined network once disconnected because of many factors throughout our communities. And as Hopkins PDX Services would understand, the result of not carrying out sustainable systems helping keep our neighborhoods clean is when the weeds will grow.

And it gets ugly.

Let’s take the many smiles in suites as evidence of Portland’s extravagant future. So until the next party, continue to build the network, support our POC in business and showcase the differences in our city.

Portland may be weird, but it’s because visitors never look to where our hometown lifestyles glow!

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