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As a Portland, Oregon native born and raised in North East Portland I’ve been witness to the radical changes and damage that gentrifications has caused in Black communities here and across the country, causing Black land and homeownership decline in record numbers. The Black Estate is my attempt to even the scales.

We believe at The Black Estate that it is our inherited duty to pass along the knowledge that we’ve gained to elevate ourselves in life, to others in the Black and POC diaspora to give all a fair chance at “The American Dream”
Tinisha Jane`t Williams

THE magazine

The Black Estate is a passion project created with the needs of the Black community in mind. After all the injustices historically Black people have endured, we have an absolute passion for wanting to see Black people and Black businesses win. 

The Black Estate is creating a community and platform for new and seasoned Real Estate Professionals and entrepreneurs to support each other through the sharing of stories, knowledge and resources. This then helps individual brokers become a better resource to the communities they serve.

The Black Estate not only promotes Black business but we incentive it through the discounts we offer the public on our advertisers good and services.

We offer Real Estate education, finance tips and advice from active professionals and stay up to date with useful information and news our viewers can apply.

The Black Estate is here to elevate and support Black business, be a resource for Black communities nationwide and shine light on all of our many accomplishments.

We accept comments and any feedback you may have on how to make our site and services better.

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